34 yr old male


Self-inspired, I have always loved Honda's,boost,speed ect.. How I became who I am today... Well, first "The Lord", he gave me the intelligence,body & stubbornness that keeps me goin.

I get asked a lot, how many years of college have you gone for,are you ASE certified, and the answer's are  no, Google is my best friend :) Research and a good photographic memory.
First motor I ripped into was my Frankenstein Tsi talon with a 4G63 head on a 4G61 Evo 3 block. Blew a head gasket & spun a bearing, had never built a motor before in my life! Just started rippin it apart while lookin at pictures in a Haynes manual!!...I never was one to read :D!

-Licensed Certified Computer Technician
   -(MVAC) Certified Te
chnician "Section 609"

The (FACT IS)..if you're dedicated,not a quitter and want to learn, you "Will SUCCEED"

Learn from your mistakes, so you won't repeat them again, try t
o always do quality work..Even if it means rippin the whole motor apart because you forgot to do something as simple as clocking your rings.

My Quote: Do it right the first time, so you don't have to go back and do it a second.