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Best Ways To Obtain The Cheapest Online Car Insurance With No Extra Deposit Or Down Payment "The Complete Guide"

Is It Possible To Get Car Insurance With No

Down Payment And No Deposit? Does It Really Exist?

The short answer is no. All car insurance companies require the first month's payment to activate the car insurance policy. Technically, a payment is a deposit. However it's not quite the same as putting a down payment on say a vehicle purchase, but it kind of is so to speak. A down payment on a vehicle is a requirement before the first month's payment. When you make your first month's payment on your insurance coverage, it's immediately active for that month going forward. Every payment is a payment paid for the upcoming month.

What Effects Car Insurance Premiums The Most?

There are many things that affect car insurance premiums. The biggest ones are lots of points on driving record, DUI, high liability/collision coverage, the state you live in, how you pay your policy and even your credit score can have an effect on insurance costs.

How To Lower Your Car Insurance Premiums And Make It More Affordable For Your Wallet With These 3 Simple Strategies

I remember when I first added everything up to the max policy, looking at those numbers thinking, there's no way I can afford this! Well there's good news! You can adjust your liability coverages and it will have a big impact on your monthly car insurance rate. It's best to evaluate your needs vs your wants, then make an executive decision and go from there.

1) Adjusting Your Insurance Liability Coverages

This is another big saver on your car insurance bill. Adjusting your comprehensive and collision can be one of the most savings or the most expensive depending on the plan you pick.

2) Opting Out Of Comprehensive And Collision Coverages

Every car insurance policy has a discount and rewards program. These are discounts that you add when setting up your policy, and some are added automatically. If you have forgotten to add these, it would be a good thing to check your policy and apply them right away.

3) Claiming Your Car Insurance Policy Discounts And Rewards

Here Are 20 Of The Best Car Insurance Discount

Strategies And Rewards You Want To Keep An Eye Out For 

This usually involves someone under the age of 19 that is on your policy and you've been insured for more than one year

1) Teen Discount

This is a mobile app or device that plugs into your OBD2 carport. Snapshot tracks your driving habits/behavior and shares this data with your car insurance company. They evaluate your data and depending on whether they consider you to be a safe driver or not can determine your discount. I imagine this can go the other way though, say you are an aggressive driver, I don't see how that would be a benefit to your policy. Just my opinion.

2) Snapshot

Any vehicle that you own on the policy that has antilock brakes can be added as a car insurance policy discount.

3) Anti-Lock Brakes

The longer you're with an insurance company, the more likely your insurance policy will automatically activate these annually discounts.

4) Continuous Insurance Discount

Vehicles equipped with driver and passenger side airbags usually get a insurance policy discount

5) Driver And Passenger-Side Airbags

Car insurance policies integrate this feature which is usually around the 5-year mark. If you have been 5 years without any accidents or collision this discount should automatically apply to your policy.

6) Accident-Free

Car insurance policies integrate this feature as well. It's usually activated after you have been with your car insurance company for 5 years or more without any claims. This should automatically apply to your policy.

7) Claim-Free

This may seem kind of strange, but most car insurance companies offer a homeowner's discount. I imagine this shows the car insurance company that you are responsible individual. Also bundling your home owners insurance with your car insurance can activate an additional policy discount.

8) Homeowner

The more vehicles you own on the policy the greater the discounts. This is true as I have multiple vehicles, and because of that I do receive a nice policy discount.

9) Multi-Car

I would say most car insurance companies have discounts for military personnel and veterans. This would be something that you may have to either call in to activate, or it could even be on your car insurance providers mobile app/website.

10) Military Personnel And Veterans

Check with your insurance company to see if they may have a federal employee car insurance discount. This will probably have to be done over the phone with a customer service representative, or your local agent.

11) Federal Employees That Are Active Or Retired

This is one of the discounts that is fairly common. It usually consists of a student being full-time with either a high school or a college. The student provides their credentials to the car insurance company and the discount is applied to the account by the insurance agent. It may be accessible via mobile app or website.

12) Student Drivers

Yes you heard that right. You can receive an online quote that could very well be lower than the rate of just signing up without applying for a quote. I imagine this is a marketing tactic that pulls in customers, but the discount is real! Try getting quotes first and then comparing them.

13) Online Quote Before Activating Policy

This is absolutely true. If you pay month-to-month, usually it's much more expensive than paying 6 months to a year at a time. Car insurance policies for the most part will let you pay the full policy or one month at a time. Paying your full policy can definitely save you hundreds of dollars. I know this to be a fact, as I've saved over $200 every 6 months on my car insurance policy by doing just that!

14) Paying Your Car Insurance Policy In Full

I am aware that some insurance companies offer a paperless bill discount. You simply go into your car insurance policy account and you can more than likely check the check box for paperless bill. Each insurance company will vary on how much the discount is, but it's still a discount.

15) Paperless Billing

A safe driver is another car insurance policy discount. This usually occurs at the 3-year mark. Driving 3 years on your car insurance policy without any accidents, collisions or tickets and this should automatically apply to your car insurance policy account. Each car insurance company may have different times, but a safe driver is one of the bigger discounts.

16) Safe Driver

A big penalty with car insurance companies is what's called "Gap insurance or leap insurance". It's when your car insurance policy expires and you make a payment after it expired, or you change insurance company's after it expired. Usually this puts a flag on your account for every insurance company that you apply for, making your rate much higher. Keeping your car insurance active at all times will keep your policy much cheaper.

17) Continuous Insurance Discount

Some insurance companies allow different policies for each individual vehicle. In the case that your car insurance policy allows you to modify each individual vehicles plan, then doing this can save you quite a bit of money. Let's say you have a vehicle that's sitting in storage. You are still paying for plates and registration but you don't drive it, or rarely do. If you have a car insurance policy that allows you to adjust each individual vehicle you can lower the coverage down to even possibly a storage insurance. Some insurance companies have this feature. Check your car insurance policy account for the car storage option.

18) Be Aware Of Your Vehicle Usage Discounts

This is a big one. Having a DUI on your record is a major policy increase expense, but there's still some hope! There are things you can do to reduce the impact of it. You can lower some of your coverage to accommodate for the additional DUI expense, kind of a no-brainer.. I know. Taking a defensive driving course is one of the first directions you should take. This can definitely help to lower the impact of increased car insurance expense due to a DUI. Enrolling in something like Snapchat which provides your car insurance company with data showing that you are a safe driver can be beneficial. This should help bring down your insurance rate.

19) Lower Your Car Insurance Premium With A DUI

Instead of an online car insurance application, meeting a local car insurance agent at their current business location has been said to achieve much lower rates. This happens because the agent acts as your personal broker. This agent is able to build a relationship with you and obtain deals that an online agent can't.

20) Insurance Broker Agent

Here Are The Top Most Well Known Insurance Companies

With The Most Reputation In The United States

Progressive car insurance offers many insurance offers. They offer homeowners insurance and car insurance which can be combined for additional discounts. They also have a reward system based off of tiers such as diamond, emerald..ect. You can also purchase towing coverage and glass insurance. The bundles and multiple vehicles is where progressive shines. The discounts pile up pretty good. The longer you are with Progressive with a good driving record the greater the discounts. Over the years Progressive car insurance has been pretty consistent with staying lower than the competition and providing a good reliable service.

State Farm is one of the most well-known insurance agencies to date. For the most part, they have local agents. They also have online applications but it's limited to your location. Applying for State Farm online might be well worth it. Better yet, meet with an agent and you could save a even more with a personal offer. This car insurance company has been around for a very long time, they've gained a lot of trust from their customers. I personally know people with State Farm and they have treated them extremely well, even as far as covering things that they didn't have to cover, but the local agent held their reputation.

Allstate car insurance offers some of the same features as many other insurance companies. Their rates vary, but seem to be a little bit more expensive then the competition. They have additional features such as towing coverage and glass insurance.

Geico has been known for their lower annual rates and great discounts. They've made it pretty convenient to connect insurance with registration. Customer service has been reported as being pretty decent. If you have poor credit, Geico may be a good option as they seem to be more lenient from reports I've read. If you have a DUI it may be in your best interest to look at other competitors as it's been reported that Geico has a higher rate with DUI records.


The general may be more pricier than other insurance companies. At least that was my experience, it was quite a bit more expensive when I applied for myself. However, where it may have the upper hand is that they allow higher risk drivers on their policies. If you have a spotted driving record then The General may still accept you where other car insurance companies wouldn't.

Liberty Mutual, as the slogan goes "Only pay for what you need". According to their policies they supply automotive, home, life, pet, flood, condo and even renters insurance. Supposedly they have lower rates for high risk drivers than the competition.

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