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7- Hacks For Your Car Or Truck You'll Want To Try!

Improving Your Cars Remote Range

Can't find your cars location? No problem! Place the key fob under your chin to extend the wireless signal range. The fluids in the human body help extend the wireless signal. By turning your head with the remote underneath the chin, this will help you pinpoint the vehicle as you press the unlock/panic button.

Car Sticker Removal

Car sticker removal can be made easy by using newspaper. Simply take a piece of newspaper, place it over the sticker, and begin to spray or dampen the newspaper with water by using a sponge. Let the damp newspaper set for 10-15 minutes. After that time the sticker should be soft enough to remove. For any leftover residue, just use an old credit card or ID to remove any adhesive. Goo Gone also works great for adhesive removal.

If you ever become trapped in your vehicle under water, or even pinned in somewhere and cannot get your car door open, simply remove the headrest from your car seat, use the metal leg against the corner of the car door window. You want to hit closest to a corner, or the bottom of the car door window. This will immediately shatter the window and allow you to escape. Some driver and passenger seats won't allow the headrest to be completely removed. In this case, if the vehicle has back seat headrests, use one of those instead. They almost always come off.

Breaking Out Of Underwater Car

Restore Headlights Like New

The easiest and best way to restore your headlights like new is to use metal polish. This is by far superior to the toothpaste method. The metal polish I use breaks down the oxidized layer on the headlights in seconds. It really is amazing how fast, and how clear it makes headlights! Almost no effort whatsoever. Simply place the metal polish on a cloth or sponge, then rub it in with a circular motion. Let dry, and wipe off with a clean cloth. That's it! It really is that easy. For extra residued headlights, simply reapply the steps as needed. Metal polish I use HERE.

Door Lock Won't Unlock

Sometimes a door lock won't unlock, and it can leave you stranded. If you find yourself in a pinch, a simple fix for this is to use good old-fashioned WD-40. Just spray some WD-40 on the key, insert the key into the lock, and turn it back and forth. You can also put the WD-40's red hose into the lock mechanism and spray a little that way as well. Use WD-40 only for emergencies, as it is water-based and will wash away any lubricant. You will want to use a spray that has silicone, graphite or Teflon base for longevity. You can find the products HERE.

Slow Moving Car Window

After time car windows become slow. This happens because the window track stripping loses it's velvet or silicone base coating. A quick and cheap solution for a slow moving car window is to use a silicone base spray. Simply spray the silicon-based spray inside the door frame of the cars window tracks on either side. Make the window go up, then make it go back down. Continue to spray the tracks until windows speed increases. The silicone spray will dry to the window tracks and remain slick. You can find the window spray HERE.

Tire Tread Penny Test

The next time you find yourself wondering if your tire tread is still good, try this mechanic tip. Take a penny and flip it so Abraham Lincoln's head is facing down. Place the penny inside the tire tread. If the tire tread doesn't reach the top of Abraham Lincoln's head, then the tire tread is too low and the tire needs to be replaced. If the tire tread goes past Abraham Lincoln's head, then the tire tread is still good and now you have peace of mind.

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