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Throttle Positioning Sensor "How To" Install and Calibrate With Tuning Software

Locate And Remove TPS

The TPS is always located on the throttle body. Once you've located the TPS, simply unclip electrical connector and remove the bolts to the throttle positioning sensor.

Prepping For Throttle Positioning Sensor

Before installing the new throttle positioning sensor you will need to make sure that the dial inside the throttle body is in the correct position. Take your new TPS, place it up against where the screws would go on the throttle body and make a mark where the plastic dial arm on the new TPS would go. Then loosen the throttle body TPS lever bolt and turn the throttle body TPS lever control towards that mark, then tighten the bolt. You may have to hold the other side of the throttle body where the throttle cable goes.

Make sure the gasket is on the TPS before installing. Take the throttle positioning sensor, line it up to be placed inside the two metal prongs inside the throttle body. Then push the TPS in and turn it towards the screw holes. This pre-loads the TPS with a little bit of tension so there's never any slack. Place the bolts back in, hand tighten, and connect the electrical connector.

Installing New TPS

Programming TPS With Tuning Software

Turn the ignition key to the on position. (The engine will "NOT" be running). Connect the software to the ECU. With Hondata this is done by pressing the lightning bolt at the top left. Select TPS parameters. Next scale the minimum reading without touching the gas pedal. Take note of what voltage or percentage it's at. You want to be as close to 0.50V (closed) as possible. This will be around 0.50%. Next push the pedal all the way to the floor (WOT). Holding the pedal, click read maximum reading. You want to be as close to 100% as possible, this will be a reading of 4.50v (open). Now that you've read your TPS, click the up arrow to upload the new update to the ECU.*NOTE If the TPS %/voltage is off, you will have to loosen the TPS bolts and manually turn the TPS in either direction to get it closest to the correct voltage/% at (closed throttle). Once you are at the correct % or voltage, tight the bolts.

Testing That TPS Is Setup Correctly

Now that your TPS is installed and programmed, push the pedal down. You want to see "100%" for the TPS readout. Now release the pedal, you want to see "0%" for the TPS readout. If both these readings show correctly, you have successfully installed and calibrated your TPS.