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39 yr old male


Self-inspired, I have always loved Honda's, boost, speed ect.. How I became who I am today, and started with the automotive mechanic industry.. Well, first "The Lord", He gave me the intelligence, body & stubbornness that keeps me going. 
I get asked a lot, how many years of college have you gone for, are you ASE certified, and the answer's are no, Google is my best friend :). Research and a good photographic memory. First motor I started troubleshooting was my Frankenstein Tsi Talon with a 4G63 head on a 4G61 Evo 3 block, blew a head gasket & spun a bearing. I had never built an engine before in my life! Just started ripping it apart while looking at pictures in a Haynes automotive manual!!... I never was one that liked to read, but with time, passion and dedication I became self disciplined to study and research the mechanical side of life I loved most!


- Licensed Certified Computer Repair Technician

- Computer Web Design/Builder 20+ yrs

- Multimedia Creator & Marketing Developer

- Automotive Mechanic 21+ yrs
- (MVAC) Certified Technician "Section 609"

- Cryptocurrency Creator/Developer $NTFL

EPA Certified Mainstream Engineering

The (FACT IS).. if you're dedicated, not a quitter, and want to learn, you "Will SUCCEED"

Learn from your mistakes, so you won't repeat them again. Try to always do quality work.. Even if it means ripping the whole motor apart because you forgot to do something as simple as clocking your rings.

My Quote: Do it right the first time, so you don't have to go back and do it a second.

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