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Nthefastlane Official Sweepstake Rules

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2) You are allowed to guess two numbers 1-30. You will guess two numbers and place them in this format: 15/22. The winning numbers must be exactly in order, numbers will not be reversed to win.

Example: If the winning numbers are "15/22" Then 22/15 is (not) a winner. *Note: submitting more than one set of numbers is an immediate disqualification from Nthefastlane's sweepstakes raffle. If at the raffle pulling it is brought to the attention that you have more then one submission, you will be disqualified even if you have won the raffle. If you accidentally post the same set of numbers twice you will (not) be disqualify for that, but please try to avoid it. Repeat offences of more then one set of number submissions will result in being permanently banned from Nthefastlane's Sweepstakes.

3) Only post numbers, please no commenting in the raffle post due to complicating the raffle.

4) You will be able to enter the sweepstakes when the required amount of views is reached on the YouTube video. Each raffle may vary, so pay attention to the amount of views needed to be reached in each video. The view count will be mentioned in each video that has a raffle.


When the sweepstakes entry begins, the sweepstakes entry will be open for 30 days. Once the sweepstakes entry has ended, the raffle and drawling will take place confirming the winner. If there is more than one winner, then the winners names will be placed in a drawing container, shaken, and picked for the true final winner.

How do I claim my prize?
Answer: Using the email you won within the Nthefastlane forum, submit your name, address and telephone number to


What if no one claims their prize?

Answer: If no one claims the prize within 30-days from the drawling, then there will be another raffle drawling and a new winner will be called out. *You will receive a email confirmation that you are the new winner.

Will my information be sold, used, or solicited?
Answer: All personal information is used to ship the item/items and communication between
you and Nthefastlane only.

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