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This Portable AC Is Battery Powered And Cools In 10 Minutes!

The portable AC battery-powered cooling solution is finally here! If you're like me, you've done plenty of research looking for the perfect portable AC solution. Unfortunately, all you find is a bunch of cooling solutions claiming to be AC units. They all end up being nothing but a small fan inside a box of water and fabric. Am I right?!? They just pull warmer air from the room, and blow it through damp fabric. What comes out is more than disappointing. Most people throw in some ice cubes, but that only last a little bit, then you're right back to feeling like a wet slug on a hot afternoon. The only time they have any real potential is when they're in an AC room to begin with.

The Zero Breeze Mark 2 is a totally new innovation. It literally has an actual AC compressor and evaporator core inside a small portable carrying case. This portable AC unit has the same parts in it that your home window unit does.

Zero Breeze Mechanism Layout.jpg
Zero Breeze Inside Carry Case Look.jpg
Zero Breeze Side Profile.jpg

I can't tell you how long I've waited for a product like this. Think about it, you're out camping in a hot humid mosquito infested swamp. You can't leave the tent open, because the blood sucking pterodactyl-size mosquitoes will drain you faster than a blood bus donation gone bad! Sure you can open up one of the window screens, but the screen is so fine it doesn't let much air in. With the Zero Breeze Mark 2 you don't even need a wall outlet. It literally runs off of a 24-volt lithium ion battery. It's capable of stacking two 24v batteries together for a total runtime of 10 hours! That's pretty impressive. There's dozens ways to use this portable AC unit. A lot of folks have truck cabs on the bed of their truck, implementing this portable AC unit would be easy and convenient. Let's say you're at the shop, and you're doing some work on the bench. You could set this portable AC unit right next to you and enjoy some tinker time. I could have used this for that very reason decades ago!

Zero Breeze Mark2  24v Single
ZeroBreeze_Mark 2 Single Battery.jpg
ZeroBreeze Mark2 Two Batteries.jpg

So you're probably thinking, well what happens when the batteries die and I still need to run the unit? Well you can run the unit on a 110v outlet as well. The only downside is that it doesn't charge the battery while the unit is running. To charge the battery simply turn the unit off and it will begin to charge.

Now with AC units they have a return, blower and an exhaust. The exhaust comes from the condenser, the return and blower both operate with the air moving through the evaporator core. If you've been around window units long enough, you know that the exhaust blows out warm air. With the Zero Breeze Mark 2 they implemented a more efficient dual exhaust system. You just unzip a small section of your tent, and put the air duct outside. It is capable of cooling an enclosed area without the exhaust outside. However, it won't be able to drop the temperatures down as low. This is because the AC unit is still recycling the warm enclosed exhaust air. If you don't want the Zero Breeze Mark 2 inside, you can connect another hose to the blower vent and just run the hose inside the area you're staying in.

Now that you have a pretty good idea what this portable AC unit is all about, let's go over the specifications.


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
1 Year Warranty



Manual Buttons & Inferred Remote



Led Lighting Around AC Vent




Cools In Just 10 Minutes!

Battery Powered For Camping



52 DB

16.5 lb


Cool, Fan (4 level), Sleep, Super cold


650 watts


18650 lithium Ion Polymer


5-6 hrs


20"L x 8.6"W x 2.3"H

Whether you are browsing for portable AC unit ideas, or are serious about buying one right now. I'll leave a direct link to the Zero Breeze Mark II. Click: Yes I Want The Zero Breeze Mark 2

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