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How To Transfer Sony Vegas Pro Presets To Newer Sony Vegas Pro

What Are Sony Vegas Pro Presets?

Presets are saved information pertaining to an image, logo or text. Let's say you have a watermark, and you resize that watermark to a certain dimension, you also move that watermark to a certain position in the video layout. Once you've done that, you simply add a name to the properties of that file, and click save as preset. The next time you need to use that same dimension and position, you simply add a new file, go to that same preset that you just created, and click it. This will automatically resize the dimensions of the file and position it to where the preset was last saved.

Older And Newer Sony Vegas Pro Installed

Make sure your newer version of Sony Vegas pro is installed, along with the older pre-existing version of Sony Vegas Pro. You need both versions to export and import the presets. *This is a one-time process, after this you will not need your older version of Sony Vegas.

To find Sony Vegas Pro presets, open up Sony Vegas Pro, once loaded go to any item on the timeline and click Event Pan/Crop. *If you don't have an item, just go ahead and add a picture real quick to the timeline. Once you've clicked Event Pan/Crop a Video Event FX box will open up. From here you're able to select the down arrow in the preset box. This should show all of your preset. If you've opened up the upgraded Sony Vegas Pro then your older version presets will not be there.

Locate And Check Sony Vegas Pro Presets In Sony Vegas

Upgrading Windows Registry Manager

Before we track down Sony Vegas Pro in the Windows registry, we need to upgrade the Windows registry. The reason why, is because you are not able to copy and paste files with the original Windows registry manager. You can download Registrar Registry Manager Here. This is a free software. Free to use Home Edition. Go ahead and download and install. When Installed, just click (Home Edition) to get started. There is a paid Pro version if you feel you may need more tools in the future, or you're using it in a commercial environment. This was my personal computer, so I went with the free Home Edition.

Locating Sony Vegas Pro Presets In Windows Registry Manager

Open up Registrar Registry Manager. Navigate to your previous version of Sony Vegas Pro that has all of your presets. In the (Vegas pro) folder select the older version that has your presets. This demonstration is for Vegas pro 12.0/17.0, yours may be a different version. Follow this registry path here: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Sony Creative Software\Vegas Pro\12.0\Metrics\Application

Copy Older Sony Vegas Pro Presets

Now that you've located your Sony Vegas Pro presets, click one of the preset files. *The files that are highlighted in blue in the image are the preset files. Press and (hold CTRL and then press A) and let go. This will select all the preset files at once. Now press and (hold CTRL and C) then let go. This will copy all of the presets at once. *Note: If you want to do the opposite, "Transfer New Sony Vegas presets to Older Sony Vegas", just revers the steps by copying the "newer presets" first.

Deleting Newer Sony Vegas Pro Pre-existing Presets

Now that you've copied your older Sony Vegas Pro presets it's time to head over to the newer Sony Vegas Pro version. In this example it's Sony Vegas Pro 17, we see the 17.0 folder below. Now select the 17.0 folder, then click the (Application) folder. Now left-click any preset file, press and (hold Ctrl and press A) then release. All files should be selected. Now press (delete) on your keyboard. You may get prompted "Do you want to delete values?" click (ALL). All files should disappear.

Registar Registry Manager.jpg
Locating Sony Vegas Pro Presets In Windo
Select all Vegas 12 Preset.jpg
Sonvegas 17 Delete All Presets Selecting

Being a mechanic as a public figure doesn't just mean you only work on cars. In my case, I'm also a videographer, video editor, publisher, website designer/builder and logo maker. I ran into an issue when I needed to transfer older Sony Vegas Pro presets, to the newer Sony Vegas Pro Suite 17. There wasn't any information on how to do this.

A little about my background, I'm also a licensed certified computer repair technician. With this knowledge I came up with a solution to transfer all of the older Sony Vegas Pro 12 presets, over to Sony Vegas Pro Suite 17. Normally you'd be able to hop in the registry editor and just export the entire file. Then once you export, you just import it back to Sony Vegas Pro. The only way that works, is if you're using the "same exact version" of Sony Vegas, *not an upgrade or newer version.

What I'm about to show you will save you $100's! There's actually software out there for Sony Vegas Pro that cost to back up and restore your presets. There's just one problem... "THEY CAN'T EXPORT/IMPORT TO A DIFFERENT VERSION OF VEGAS!" My method works for all Sony Vegas versions. If you follow my instructions it will be 100% free! And you can use this guide forever! This is not a scam, this is not illegal, and it's 100% legitimate. Just takes a few simple steps.

Now I'm going to explain in detail how you're able to transfer Sony Vegas Pro presets to an upgraded, or newer version of Sony Vegas Pro for free.

Pasting Older Sony Vegas Pro Presets To Newer Sony Vegas Pro

Select anywhere the files used to be, now press and (hold Ctrl and then press Z) then release. You may get prompted "Do you want to copy value?" Click (ALL). You should now see all of your older Sony Vegas Pro preset files. 

Paste All Sony vegas pro 12 presets to 1

Changing The Version Number Of Sony Vegas Pro Preset Files

This step may or may not be necessary, but I went ahead and changed out all the version numbers. This will be a one-time process because later we are going to extract the entire file, then we will no longer have to do this step again. If you've pasted these to Sony Vegas Pro 17.0, and it says Sony Vegas pro 12.0, or whichever version you had prior, then we want to change that number. Simply double-click each file that shows the wrong version path number. EXAMPLE: C:\Users\Your OS Name\AppData\Local\Sony\Vegas Pro\12.0\, this should be "17.0". Now change only the number in the (Key name:) section, and (Value:) section. Click (APPLY). You may get prompted "Do you want to set value S12345?", click (YES). Do this for the remaining presets that have the wrong version number.

Changing Sony vegas pro version to 17.0.

Exporting Sony Vegas Pro Presets

Whichever version of Sony Vegas Pro you are using, in this example it is Sony Vegas Pro 17. Select the application folder under 17.0, right-click the Application folder, then left-click Export. A exporting window will pop up, you can change the file name to whatever you like. You can also select a different folder that you want to save it to. Once you figure out the file name, and where you want to save it, click save.

Exporting Sony Vegas Pro Presets.jpg

Exporting And Importing Sony Vegas Pro Presets

Now that we have our exported Sony Vegas Pro Presets, anytime we choose to install Sony Vegas pro 17 on a new computer we can simply double-click the Sony Vegas Pro preset file for a quick import.*You may get prompted "adding information can unintentionally change or delete values ECT.." just click yes and it will automatically install all of your saved presets.

Installing Saved Sony Vegas Pro Presets.

Keeping Sony Vegas Pro Presets Updated

Anytime I add new presets to a Sony Vegas Pro timeline, I always go into the registry and export the file to my Sony Vegas Pro preset folder that I set up. It's always good to have a backup. Anytime you want to update an existing preset file by exporting a new one, just go here in the registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Sony Creative Software\Vegas Pro\17.0\Metrics\Application and export just like earlier in this guide.

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