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How I Built A Powerful Royal Rife Plasma Machine That Works For Under $100

DISCLAIMER: This article is provided for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute providing medical advice or professional services. Nthefastlane assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this article.

Dr. Rife was born May 16, 1888. He was a scientist and a inventor that studied diseases in the early 1930s. His plan was to cure cancer and many other diseases.

What Did Royal Rife Invent?

Rife invented one of the world's most powerful telescopes that could view microorganisms. Even today it's one of the world's most powerful telescopes ever invented. Later he went on to invent another device called "The Beam Ray". This device would emit (EMF) electromagnetic fields through plasma which would convert to a (RF) radio frequency that would send a form of radio wave into the cancer cells destroying them. During later research and lots of years testing frequencies he finally found combinations of Hertz that did just that. According to reports, Rife was able to completely destroy cancer cells under the microscope without even touching them. Eventually he tested 16 critically ill cancer patients, 14 of the 16 were completely cured of cancer within 90 days with his Beam Ray Frequency Machine. The other 2 were cured a couple months later. He had a 100% success rate with his experiment. 

What Is A True Rife Plasma Machine?

A rife plasma machine is a machine that emits a (PEMF) Pulse Electromagnetic Field. These electromagnetic fields then pass through a gas, the (EMF) turns the gas into a plasma which then converts into a (RF) Radio Frequency. This frequency has the ability to pass through objects, such as skin, bone and many other solid objects. Just like ham radio frequency's travel the world.

How I Built A Powerful Royal Rife Plasma Machine

That Works For Under $100 And You Can Too!

Here's what I used to build a powerful plasma rife machine just like Royal Rife's. The first thing you'll need to get is a Mini Tesla coil. This one has a built-in audio port so we can transmit the sound frequencies through EMF. We will use this to create the (RF) plasma waves. The next thing you will need is a light bulb, but not just any light bulb, it needs to be a incandescent light bulb. These light bulbs are filled with argon, this is the gas that gets converted into a plasma and transmits (RF) Radio frequencies. You also will need a (DAC) adapter. This adapter converts analog to digital and is able to put out a greater KHz then the factory phone port can produce, this is a must or you will not get the true frequencies.


The one I use has a specific Kbps. You will also need a good quality audio cable extension. The The radio is optional, but this is one of my favorite portable rechargeable radios. It lasts a very long time with one charge. The sound is incredible! It actually has a separate bass speaker in the back. You will be surprised at how well this little radio sounds, and reception is great. I use the shortwave function to pick up the carrier wave and Rife (RF) frequencies. You can hear it clearly in the video demonstration. I also used a little aerosol can cap to hold the incandescent light bulb. Works perfect for these sized incandescent bulbs.

These Are The Products You Will Need To Build This Rife Plasma Machine

First you will want to play the "signal frequency soundtrack", once the signal frequency is playing then press play on the "carrier wave soundtrack". Only press play on carrier wave after the signal frequency is already playing. Relax, read a book or watch tv.

Play These Frequencies Below For 4 Hours To Make A

Complete Sweep Covering All Of Rife's Original Frequencies

Who Was Royal Raymond Rife?

The Key Elements That Make A True Working Rife Frequency Machine

Most frequency machines claim to be just like the rife machine, but all are not alike. One of the main important features of a true rife machine is that it uses a precise and accurate carrier wave. This was discovered when Dr. Milbank, Johnson M.D. and Philip Hoyland were testing the Rife #5 machine when they had a dial malfunction. The frequency shot up to 3 million+ hertz shattering all of the glass in the entire laboratory, including the other rooms. This turned out to be a huge discovery for them. It turned out that every subject they were working on in the lab, including a mold problem they were having got completely eradicated. They ended up modifying the 3 million+ MHz frequency with a new frequency.


This new frequency didn't have to be so high, this is where the carrier wave of 3.3MHz came in. Later 3.1MHz was the more precise carrier wave. This works as a side wave. Using the 3.1MHz carrier wave it is able to shorten up the wave and hit every side frequency in between each other covering the entire spectrum. The rule of thumb is in order to transfer a sound wave through an object, the carrier wave needs to be greater. More in-depth detail can be found here.

How Does A Carrier Wave Work With Rife Frequencies?

The original frequency that killed all of the bad organisms was 3,300,000Hz aka (3.3MHz).

In order to use this frequency without causing glass to shattering Philip Holland came up with the carrier wave combined with the signal frequency. He was able to take Dr rife's original frequencies and multiply each one by 17 which gave him roughly 3,260,651Hz aka (3.26MHz). Now if you combined a carrier wave of 3.1, 3.2 or even 3.3MHz with Dr Rife's original frequencies you will cover the full spectrum and sidebands of every frequency with very fine precision. In a nutshell, this will produce the same harmonized frequencies as the one that broke all of the glass and killed all of the organisms in Dr Rife's lab. The only difference is this will do it without breaking glass but yielding the same positive results that just the 3,300,000Hz did.

The Sweep Frequency Method

This sweep frequency method uses a carrier wave combined with a signal frequency. For instance, pairing up a 3.1 MHz carrier wave while injecting a sweep of 500 Hz - 25,000 Hz audio signal to complete the setup. This would create a harmonic sideband which would hit every one of Rife's original frequencies. Using this combination would target every frequency that was used in all of Royal Rifes test. It's basically one sweep that covers all of the sidebands that hit each organism’s frequencies multiple times. In other words, there's no guessing which frequency you need, running this sweep from start to finish will cover them all. In order to cover each Hz for the correct amount of time it is calculated to use this sweep for 4 hours. Start at 500 Hz and finish at 25,000 Hz. This gives each Hz enough time to produce it's effects.

The Most Commonly Used Carrier Frequencies 

3.1 MHz, 3.3 Mhz and 27.12 MHz

The Top Most Used Frequencies For Healing

144 Hz, 174 Hz, 417 Hz, 432 Hz, 528 Hz

Frequencies That Are Used To Relieve Stress And Anxiety

2128 Hz, 2008 Hz, 2184 Hz, 2084 Hz, 2720Hz, 2452 Hz, 6064 Hz, 120 Hz, 524 Hz, 854 Hz, 800 Hz, 728 Hz, 784 Hz, 880 Hz, 666 Hz, 464Hz, 5000 Hz, 3176 Hz, 10000 Hz, 3040 Hz

Frequencies That Are Used For Cancer And Tumors

311 Hz, 345 Hz, 414 Hz, 454 Hz, 465 Hz, 644 Hz, 752 Hz, 765 Hz, 766 Hz, 784 Hz, 923 Hz

Frequencies That Are Used For Skin Problems 

5.8Hz, 4Hz 9.19 Hz, 9.2 Hz, 20 Hz, 60 Hz, 100 Hz, 660 Hz, 690 Hz, 727.5 Hz, 787 Hz, 880 Hz

Frequencies That Are Used For Dizziness And Vertigo

20 Hz, 35 Hz, 465 Hz, 6.8 Hz, 440 Hz, 484 Hz, 660 Hz, 727.5 Hz, 787 Hz, 800 Hz, 803 Hz, 880 Hz, 1850 Hz, 2008 Hz, 2127 Hz, 2000 Hz, 2003 Hz, 2013 Hz, 2050 Hz, 2080 Hz, 5000 Hz

Frequencies That Are Used For Diabetes

367 Hz, 428 Hz, 444 Hz, 476 Hz, 478 Hz, 522 Hz, 579 Hz, 594 Hz, 785 Hz, 792 Hz, 872 Hz, 2121 Hz, 5880 Hz, 5884 Hz, 597 Hz, 613 Hz, 624 Hz

Frequencies That Are Used For Respiratory Infections

20 Hz, 465 Hz, 866 Hz, 664 Hz, 690 Hz, 727.5 Hz, 784 Hz, 787 Hz, 832 Hz, 800 Hz, 880 Hz, 1550 Hz

Frequencies That Are Used For Bacterial Infections

9918 Hz, 9740 Hz, 4959 Hz, 4870 Hz, 2479.5 Hz, 2435 Hz, 1394.7 Hz, 1369.6 Hz, 1239.7 Hz, 1217.5 Hz, 774.8 Hz, 760.9 Hz, 619.9 Hz, 608.7 Hz, 464.9 Hz, 456.5 Hz, 309.9 Hz ZZ 304.4 Hz, 155 Hz, 152.2 Hz

Frequencies That Are Used For Corona Virus SARS 

500 MHz - 25,000 MHz 4HR SweepNthefastlane
00:00 / 01:04

(STEP 1) 500 MHz - 25,000 MHz 4HR Sweep

(STEP2) 3.1 GHz 4HR Carrier Frequency

How Much Do Rife Plasma Frequency Machines Cost?

Most of the cheaper alternatives, say under $200 generally do not follow Royal Ramond Rife's original technology. From research, generally the ones with near identical plasma technology, along with the correct carrier frequencies and enough (EMF gauss) will run you into the serval thousands of dollars, all the up to ten of thousands of dollars. Roughly $2,000 USD and as much as $50,000 USD.

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