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How To Make A Body Kit Support For Your Car or Truck With PVC Pipes

The benefits of making a body kit support made with PVC pipes is the fact that it won't rust, it's light weight, in the case of an impact it won't be as damaging as a piece of steel, very easy to modify, and it's much cheaper! With most front bumpers and body kits, when the air is coming at the vehicle you want it to go off to the side panels, not at your tires. The bumper/body kit needs to stick out further to do this. Installing this body kit PVC pipe support will fix this issue. A lot of times body kits and plastic bumpers tend to flap in the wind, this will add great support preventing a lot of movement.

Getting started with the body kit support

The tools you will need is a torch, a vise or pliers, nuts and bolts, small screwdriver, saw or pvc pipe cutters, a drill & drill bit and pvc pipe.

Measuring body kit support distance

Take your tape measure and measure somewhere on the chassis where you are going to bolt up the support, now measure the distance of both mounting points. I pulled out my bumper further than it was and measured that distance. When the body kit pvc support pipe is installed it will push the bumper out to where you want it to be. Make your cuts with your PVC cutters.