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AHP Alpha Tig-200x Review

What I Wanted

Before I even thought about purchasing a tig welder, I did extensive research. Sure, I could have just bought the cheapest one available, but I had some specific wants and needs in mind. I will list a few of the most important ones to myself below.

- Must Be A/C & DC compliant


- Have an array of manual adjustments


- Excellent customer support


- Needs to stand by their warranty


- Great Reviews from other experienced welders


- Tig Welder to my needs under $1,000

- Work Great with Automotive Repair

- Hoping it would look nice :)

- The NEW inverter technology

- Pulse Technology

- High Frequency 200mhz

Nthefastlane Welding Pic.jpg

The Competition

The big names in the industry are Miller & Lincoln. There really is no disputing it. They are quality, and will definitely last. The question is, "Can you afford it"? Budgets are always tight, and we tend to scrap by sometimes. I've been there a hundred times. If you're anything like me, you think, if I don't buy a Miller Dynasty, or a Lincoln Electric, will I be able to even put down a decent steel/aluminum bead?! Will it even come close to the quality of a Millier Dynasty 210, or even a Lincoln Electric Square Wave Tig 200?

The Pros & Cons

You hear pros and cons for just about any product out there. What I know from my personal experience with the AHP Alpha Tig-200x is the foot pedal slides, and doesn't have the transition the other pedals have. Other then that, I honestly can't say anything else. It's an amazing machine that lived up to all my expectations. Even the price is a steal of a deal in my opinion. Welding with it is extremely fun. The quality of beads you can lay down are right there with Miller and Lincoln, it just comes down to the experience of the welder.

AHP Pedal Upgrade

If you want to upgrade your AHP pedal to the new and improved version that will plug right into your AHP Alpha Tig 200x,201xd and any other AHP Tig Welder model 2015+.. you can purchase it here: AHP Alpha Tig Pedal Upgrade

Novs Foot Pedal.jpg

Price Comparison

This Welder Price Comparison Chart Explains It All.

AHP TIG-200X Cost chart.jpg
What Are The Spec's For The AHP Tig-200x?

One of the *NEW features with the AHP Tig-200x is they increased the A/C frequency to 200mhz.


List of features with the AHP Alpha Tig-200x

- Quality TIG welding on aluminum, stainless or steel and precise welding of thinner-gauge materials

- Will do 1/4 in. aluminum and 3/8 in. mild steel


- Advanced inverter technology with PWM (pulse width modulation) using IGBT technology


- Square-wave inverter for aluminum welding, with pulse frequency, allowing for simple set up and operating


- Unit features HF start TIG and includes a foot control pedal for great TIG welding control and operation

- Dual voltage input, can either run on 110 or 220-Volt electricity

- In stick mode, welder is capable of welding 7018, 6013 and most other common rods

- New, updated pulse frequency from 0.5 to 200 HZ.

- WP-17 flex hose torch and a separate TIG torch control switch is supplied


- Pulse Time On 10-90%


- Post Flow 1-10 AC, Balance 30-70%, 2T/4T

What Comes With The AHP Alpha Tig-200x?


- Alpha TIG 200X


- WP17 TIG Torch (14ft)

- Stick Holder (9ft)

- Ground Clamp (9ft)

- Foot Pedal

- Argon Regulator

- 110v Plug Adapter

- Basic Consumable Kit (does not include tungsten)

AHP Alpah Tig-200x Accessories.jpg
What Do AHP Alpha Tig-200x Welds Look Like?

I have been Tig welding close to 9 months, this is the kind of quality you can expect, and or better from the AHP Alpha Tig 200x. Here is a image of my setup, along with some passes with aluminum and stainless steel.



(Aluminum Setup)

- 3/32 2% Thoriated tungsten

- 100% Argon gas @15psi

- A/C Balance set 38%

- #8 Gas lense

- 75 amps and 127 amps

(Stainless Steel Setup)

- 3/32 2% Lanthanated tungsten

- 100% Argon gas @15psi

- #8 Gas Lense

- 80 amps

Ahp Alpha tig200x
Stainless Steel Weld Ahp tig 200x pass
Aluminum Tig Welding Beads Grouping
Intercooler Pipe Aluminum Tig Weld Bead

If you think the AHP Alpha Tig200x might just be for you, go ahead and click the "Shop Now" button below for prices. This is exactly where I bought it for myself on Amazon. The "Shop Now Button" is updated to the AHP Alpha Tig 201XD. Comes with the "NEW" foot pedal!

Shop Now Thumb.jpg
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