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Electronic Boost Controller Installation Guide

Setting Up The Electronic Boost Controller

The first thing you need to do is install the electronic boost controller nipples and breather filter for the vacuum. I like to use Permatex Ultra Grey RTV instead of plumber's tape on the threads. Applying a little bit to the threads and tighten it to the Boost controller. For this setup we will be putting both nipples parallel to each other, ports #1 & #2. In the center of the Boost controller #3 port will be used for the breather.

Installing Electronic Boost Controller Pins

Installing the electronic boost controller pins is simple. It doesn't matter which pin you place on a wire as they are reversible and can be connected to any of them. The only thing that matters is making sure that the pins mate up, a female pin needs to go with the male pin and a male needs to go with a female pin. Not doing this will prevent you from plugging the plug in and you'll just have to reverse the pins inside of the plastic clips. The wires on the Boost controller are universal, you can use anyone to be the positive, and anyone to be the remote wire. If you look at the images you can see how I set up the pins and crimped them and then solder and installed them into the plastic white clips. If you look closely at the wire that is provided with the boost controller you will see a little cut at the halfway point of the two wires, you're going to snip the wires in half so that you have a total of four wires. Strip the ends of the wires and crimp and solder the connector pins on to the wires. It's not necessary to solder, but I always solder my wires so that it prevents any future shortage.

Mounting The Electronic Boost Controller

I decided to make my own boost controller mounting bracket out of a piece of 1/8in flat bar steel. I cut it around 3in in length. I then put it in the vice and hammered it at roughly a 30 to 35 degree angle. I mocked up the holes on the chassis with the pre-made bracket and drilled out the mount. I found some screws and nuts and ground down the nuts so that they would fit onto the boost controller and I would be able to tighten it through the back of the bracket, then threw the boost controller and into the nuts. The last thing I did was mock up the holes for the boost controller with the mount so I could drill them out and slide the long bolt screws through. This mounted the Boost controller to the mount. Lastly I mounted the boost controller mount to the chassis with two 10 x 1.25 bolts.

Routing And Installing Boost Controller Vacuum Line To Wastegate

Routing the vacuum lines to the boost controller I used 5/32 vacuum line and cable zip ties. You always want to zip tie the ends of your vacuum lines so that you prevent any leaks. The first line you want to run is on top of the wastegate, that one will run to the left side of the boost controller which is the #1 port. The next run will be the bottom side nipple on the wastegate, this one will run to the right side of the boost controller which is the #2 port. Once you have run the bottom wastegate nipple to the #2 port you will cut it closest to the compressor on the turbochargers vacuum nipple port. You will install a 3-way tee there with a short piece of 5/32 vacuum line running off the turbo compressor nipple into the tee and back into the #2 boost controller line that goes from the bottom wastegate nipple to the #2 port on the boost controller. *If your turbocharger compressor housing does (NOT) have a nipple you can route it to the intake manifold nipple for your vacuum supply instead.