Hey brother was just on YouTube regarding the piston clocking any photos ? to help I have exact same b20 build n I fear I putem in wrong | Automotive Help Forum | Nthefastlane Premium
May 25

Hey brother was just on YouTube regarding the piston clocking any photos ? to help I have exact same b20 build n I fear I putem in wrong


Edited: May 26

Yes, give me a second. I'm at my shop, I'll pull one of my GSR pistons and draw it out with a marker.

Ok so a. Being the top ring gap, being the only gap exposed to exhaust rest 90 degrees opposite of each other on intake side got it thank u I have to take them out in ur video on you tube it lOOKED like u had the 2 oil rails on exhaust side that's how I installed mine:(

Watch this video I just threw together a second ago for you guys.

No you shouldn't have any problems. Just put some vaccuum hose on the rod bolts when you push it back down again so you don't scratch the crank journals.

U my boi blue I gotta takem out but better then starting up with 5 4 n 3 on exhaust side lol great sAve

Glad I could help. If you have any friends that need help send them to this forum. It helps everyone dealing with similar problems. It's like a go to sticky post.

Agreed and will do and just to further clarify I didnt already mess the rings up due to installation right just follow the same process again and reclock n since no exposure to heat I'm chillen?

@Pete Orozco Jr. Correct, If you haven't driven the car and broke the rings in then you're completely fine. It actually takes some time to break rings in when driving. Once you get the engine put back together, make sure you break in your rings properly. You do this by driving say 45 mph and then down shift into 2nd, let off the clutch let off the gas and just let it almost come to a stall out and then push the clutch in and repeat several times.

Just put it in D3 and then D2, let off the gas and just let it slow down. Do that a few times. Just get up to about 45 -50mph and let it slow down to like 10mph.

Hey does it matter about the middle ring of the oil expander ring aka #3s middle ring has a small middle inner ring on the b20 Nippon set in particular does that have a particular location or no. Just the gaps?

It's supposed to go in between the 4 and 5 rings. The middle inner ring is #3.

@Nthefastlane I'm talking about the number 3 ring itself u know how it has a small ring in between itself I believe it's to make it easier to put it on but does it matter the direction of it in particular I'm referring again to the number 3 inner inner ring?

The oil expander ring has a smaller smaller inner ring holding it together I'm referring to that directions importance if any in ur first video u can see it it's the inner ring of number 3 again just wana make sure theres no importance to the direction of the inner ring.

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Inner ring of 3 does it matter where its located not number 3 itself ty in advance be super over analytical before closing her up ty

#1 Top Ring

#2 2nd Ring

#3 Spacer (This is the ring you're referring to) place the space between rings 4/5.

#4 Top Oil Control Ring

#5 Bottom Oil Control





@Nthefastlane I'm referring to the inner ring of number 3s ring but ok to further clarify the part were the spacer butts up should be between gaps 4 and 5? Or are u referring to the inner ring of 3?

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Place the gap of that spacer ring in the middle of 4 and 5 oiling rings.

@Pete Orozco Jr. Yes, I deleted the photo because it's copyrighted by someone else. That is the number 3 spacer. Wherever that spacer comes together, that is where it goes in between oil rings 4 and 5.

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