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This is for the Steel Mount ONLY. Tablet & Clamp "NOT included".


Buy Tablet Clamp Seen In pictures Here:


This steel tablet mount is a direct fit for Honda Civics 96-00. It may fit other vehicle makes and models, but has not been tested yet. I will (*UPDATE) what other vehicles this mount fits later.


This steel mount is the best on the market. It has a nice solid feel when using the touch screen. This steel tablet mount does not interfere with the passengers leg room, it's as if the mount isn't even there! Unlike other tablet mounts, this steel tablet mount out preforms them all. It's meant to stay in place, and not wobble and shake like the cheap flexible ones with aluminum rods inside. Eventually they break after several flex's, and then you're out of a tablet mount.


There will be 3 washers included that you place under the steel mount bracket to create a flat surface.


Steel Vehicle Tablet Seat Rail Mount

SKU: SteelTabletMountCivic96-00BLK
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