2003 Cadillac CTS , Rumble when accelerating from a stop or accelerating in lower gears. | Nthefastlane Premium
Apr 22

2003 Cadillac CTS , Rumble when accelerating from a stop or accelerating in lower gears.


I have noticed a rumble coming from the rear of the car I belive. I am a mechanic and am pretty mechanically inclined but need help on this issue. I have only had this vehicle for about a year. I am noticing a rumble during acceleration. It will happen when I turn and accelerate , or if I am taking off and crowd the pedal a little too much. I mostly noticed this when it is in the lower gears first or second. I could use some assistance in trying to figure out what my issue is. Do you have any ideas ? Could it be rear ended related? Have you ever seen or heard of this before? It feels like you are running over a small rumble strip.


Videos you have made about Cadilac CTS have been great and very informative.

nthefastlane.com is the best.


Hi Tyke, I can almost guarantee that it has to do with your ring and pinion gear set in the rear end. This is common with the CTS 's, you will either hear a rumbling when accelerating or decelerating or a type of hi to mid range whining sound. I would purchase a new GM Ring and Pinion Gear Set. That should solve your problem. 👍

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